My cycling injury is almost three weeks old. The road rash is gone and I can bend my arm now. But I can’t hold anything heavier than a quart of half & half and I can’t fully extend my arm. And the required rest and recovery time has added a few pounds to my waistline.

Whether we are recovering from an injury or sickness, we all go through those times when we can’t do the activities that we enjoy. So what do we do?

For me, I can’t go to the gym right now because I really need the use of my left arm to lift weights, use the elliptical, or run on the treadmill. All I can do today is wrap my elbow and wrist, get the dogs, and go for a long walk. And that has to be enough. Rather than being angry that I’m not working out and have gained a few pounds, I choose to find joy in the walks with my dogs.

What about you? When you can’t do what you enjoy most, what can you choose to do instead?


As I was beginning my final blog during this long trip away from Gallup,  I saw this paragraph from one of the bloggers I follow:

Somewhere during that time, I met with my spiritual director and confessed to her the depth of my exhaustion. But my confession was a confession of failure. I was failing to be the mom I wanted to be. I was failing to be the woman of prayer I wanted to be. I was failing to be the wife I wanted to be. I was a disappointment to myself. Therefore, I must be a disappointment to God. The Pursuit of Enough: Ask me what I have for you…

And I can so totally relate to that feeling of disappointment…….

  • I’ve left my daughter and granddaughter behind in Ohio.  Disappointment.
  • I’ve been injured and unable to exercise. Disappointment.
  • I’m leaving my happiest place where the temps are in the 80’s, the water is clear, and I have no responsibilities. Disappointment.
  • My prayer life is not what it should be. And worship seems as far away from me as the man in the moon. Disappointment.
  • I’ve gained weight during the last two weeks while injured. Disappointment.
  • I’ve lost my focus. Disappointment.

I am disappointed with myself and the way things are. But God is not disappointed in me. He knows where I am. He knows what He’s called me to. He’s written out my days as if they were written in a book. A good book always has conflict and resolution. A good book reveals the disappointments it’s character feels so that we can be connected to the character. A good book draws us into the story. We hope for resolution. We continue reading past the conflict with the hope that the character will eventually have the happily ever after ending. We don’t stop reading during the times of  difficulty and hardship but continue to the last page believing in the happily ever after.

And I’m a good book. The writer is writing a story that will draw  the reader into my story and it will end with “happily ever after.” This I believe as much as I believe that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

Keep turning the pages……

For the first time in my adult life I am a true empty-nester. I had the joy of spending two months with Hannah in Ohio and the first five weeks of Little Miss Liberty’s life being “grandma.” It’s been wonderful. Liberty

And leaving was harder than I ever imagined.

Hank and I are going to spend a few days in Florida reconnecting as a couple before returning to Gallup and ministry.

Speaking of ministry, I’ve been so occupied with Hannah and Liberty that I’ve paid very little attention to Strong to the Finish or to the Stronghold. Thank you for your patience and prayers.

Be blessed and I’ll check in again later…..



ImageWIPEOUT @ 14mph destroyed my helmet, ripped my gears off my handlebars, left road rash on shoulders, hips, and knees, and destroyed my funny-bone. But at 50 years old I stilled climbed back on the bike and pedaled my way back to the car! Image