On the road….

I did something I’ve never done before in my life! I drove from Gallup to Panama City Beach all by myself. The hours spent alone and behind the wheel made me realize one thing.

I could never be a truck driver!

I’ve confessed that I’m a stress eater but this trip showed me that I also eat out of boredom and to stay awake.

Knowing why I eat is huge! It’s because I know why I eat that I can prepare what I eat. I now know that if I’m by myself in a car for extremely long periods of time that I’ll eat to stay awake.

The good news is that I had prepared for the trip by  packing nuts, raisins, cherries, bottled water, and dark chocolate covered almonds as my sweet treat. So even though I ate out of boredom and to stay awake, I ate food that was good for me.

What about you? Do you know where your temptations lie? Have you identified those things that cause you to munch your way through the day? And, have you prepared for those times?

For me it’s preparation that helps me win the battle of the bulge. And I’m sure it will help you too!

Eating out…

Unless I’m away from home, I’m not one to eat out very often. I think the food that I make myself tastes better and I know it’s better for me.

That being said there are times when  I do go out to eat for lunch appointments. Usually, I go to Angela’s and eat the Greek Salad with Grilled Chicken. But today, I went to El Sombrero. New Mexican food is not the healthiest option there is so I have to find a way to eat what is offered and do my best to eat well.  Luckily, Hank is always willing to share a plate with me…so we had the chicken burrito with green chile and very little cheese.

When you find yourself in a restaurant that doesn’t offer healthy options the next best choice is to share the healthiest thing you can find on the menu. If no one is willing to share with you then you can ask for a to go box before you start eating, divide your plate into thirds, place two-thirds in the box, and eat the rest. (You know that eating a half portion is still too much so don’t tempt yourself to eat half.)

After sharing my meal with Hank I was able to leave the restaurant with no regrets…. And you can do the same!

Misery is a state of mind…

It’s true. Misery is a state of mind. You choose misery or happiness.

Have you ever noticed that siblings will live in the same household, have the same parents, go through the same problems and yet one is happy while the other one is always miserable? It’s because they each chose how they would respond to life. One chose happiness and the other chose misery.

Blaming misery on others doesn’t make anything better…. it’s just a manipulative way of inviting someone to join you in your misery. You know the old saying, “Misery loves company.” Well, it’s absolutely true. If you are miserable then you want to make darn sure that no one around you is happy so you blame them for your misery. You do everything within your power to make sure that they know that if they were different then you’d be happy.

You’ve created an environment where no one can truly be happy. Your spouse can’t relax in your presence. Your children are uncomfortable riding in the car with you. Friends avoid lunch dates. Even pastors are afraid to answer the phone when called.

And that’s because everyone knows that there is absolutely nothing they can do to make things better for you.

More than anyone else, women tend to be miserable in their own bodies. They hate the way they look. Dread swimsuit season. Avoid intimacy.

Women stand in front of the mirror and curse the very image of the living God as they curse themselves. Women routinely rehearse and magnify their faults and ignore their beauty.

And because they are miserable they make darn sure that everyone around them is miserable. Husbands are afraid to say anything because they don’t know how it will be heard. Children walk on eggshells. And daughters are taught to hate themselves. No one is happy and everyone is miserable.

If you are miserable in your own skin then it’s your own fault. You can choose to remain the same or you can choose to do something about it.

Here are a few ideas that will help you go from miserable to happy:

  • Start complimenting yourself. Begin to tell yourself that you are made in the very image of God and that’s absolutely beautiful!
  • Stop waiting on the magic pill that will melt your fat away to reveal the strength beneath. Instead:
  1. Develop the fruit of the spirit known as self-control.
  2. Eat well because the better we eat the better we feel.
  3. Exercise. God made your body strong!

Shifting Sand

My worst mountain bike wrecks have been in the sand. As a result of the shifting sand,  I’ve flown over the handle bars and crashed. I’ve come home with skinned knees, bruises, and cuts all because of the sand.

And this year it’s more sandy than ever! The lack of rain, extremely hot weather, and blowing winds have caused the low spots to fill with this shifting sand.

I had to learn how to navigate my way through the sand. While pedaling, I must think about pushing my bottom behind the saddle, loosening my grip on the bars, and riding through the sand instead of freaking out, getting off my bike, and walking through the sand.

There’s nothing wrong with walking through the sand if you’re on a hike but I’m not hiking! I’m cycling with my husband who could ride a bike through quicksand.

Sometimes I get a little frustrated. Okay, I get really frustrated when Hank starts telling me how easy it is to ride in sand. He’s telling me what I should be doing and I know what I should be doing. I’m just not doing it!

I could easily use this as a metaphor for our faith walk, couldn’t I? It’s when we start trying to navigate our way through the shifting sand that we get in trouble. We fly over the handlebars, wreck, and come home with skinned knees, bruises, and cuts. We end up feeling frustrated with ourselves!

Even worse is that we get frustrated with God. We know what the problem is. We know what we should be doing. We’re just not doing it. So we get mad at God for telling us what to do.

In the same way that I have to learn how to navigate my way through the sand while pedaling, we must learn how to navigate our way through life while living. Life doesn’t pause for us to figure it all out. The shifting sand will always be there.
The only way to learn how to navigate our way through life is in the Word and learning to listen to those who know how to ride through quicksand…..



(Note how deep the sand is on my tire…..)


Life has been hectic for the last few days… I’ve spent two days in Albuquerque, cleaned out closets, did a lot of spring-cleaning which involves multiple trips to goodwill, and special deliveries to give items to friends who either need or would enjoy them. 

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t made it to the gym like I should. And I’m not even missing it very much. That’s because it’s summer-time and I don’t want to be “in” the gym right now. I want to go mountain biking.

But I haven’t even done that since last Sunday night. Here’s what happens. I wake up in the morning and decide that I want to go mountain biking in the cool of the evening. So I get busy working around the house, doing paperwork, or assembling the quilt for my new granddaughter….regular stuff that needs to get done.

Then when it’s finally time for the ride I decide that it’s way too windy out or someone has stopped by the house or I’m hungry and need to make dinner. And, just like in the morning, I’ve gotten too busy to do what I really want to do.  I guess what I’m saying is that life interrupts my plans.

Then I lay in bed and think about how much I miss my workouts. I criticize myself for not being in the gym and I complain about not riding my bike. I’m miserable. And then I decide that nothing is going to interrupt my plans to ride tomorrow.

And then it all starts over again the next day.

You know there is a simple solution to this. I could just get up and go mountain biking in the morning and then do all my chores….

Now that sounds like a plan that I’ll start in the morning…..

Confess your sins….

Confess your sins to each other.  (James 5:16) That’s what I’m doing right now. I confess that I’m a stress eater. I put food into my mouth so that I don’t let words come out. I walk around the house and eat anything that’s salty and crunchy. And if I can find something that’s salty, crunchy, and covered in chocolate that’s even better.

Knowing that I’m a stress eater is half the battle. The other half is doing something about it. When things are really stressful, I use all of my energy to control my tongue. And I do mean all of my energy.  So what’s a girl to do? Should I let my words fly or should I spend my energy stopping myself from eating? How can I control my words and watch my diet?

I’ll put the answer into a single word:  PREPARATION!

Personally, I prepare for it by having fruit, berries, nuts, and dark chocolate in the house instead of chips. I satisfy the need to eat with the good foods that God has provided for me….

Then at the end of the day I can rest assured that I haven’t said the things that shouldn’t be said and that I have not sabotaged my health and fitness goals.

This works for me… what works for you?

the worst lies….

The worst lies are the ones that we tell ourselves. I caught myself lying to myself the other day while I was at the gym.  I was telling myself things like this doesn’t matter, I’ll never achieve my goals, this is a waste of time…..

You’ve done it too! You’ve told yourself that you can’t do it, that you’ll never make it, that you can’t lose the weight, can’t get past the hurt, or over the pain.

We’ve all told ourselves these kinds of lies. And these are the worst of all because we believe them. Worse than that is that we believe them wholeheartedly.

Jesus said,

you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”John 8:32

If that’s the truth (and we know it is because Jesus said it) then the opposite must be true. It’s the lies that put us in prison.

It’s time that you and I counter every lie with truth. Let’s make things  less complicated than they already are with only this verse…..

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.” Mark 10:27