I love British humor. And I like to watch their comedies on BBC America. I loved As Time Goes By starring Judith Dench. And I thoroughly enjoyed Waiting for God. (If you’ve never seen these shows, follow the links to see them on YouTube.)

waiting_for_god_title_cardWaiting for God is about seniors living in a retirement home and the shenanigans they get into. If you watch the videos, you’ll notice that the main characters are not sitting in their recliners to wait for God to call them home.  No, they have decided to make living life to the fullest their number one priority.  With these seniors, they seem to find even more joy in their mischief if they can frustrate, annoy, and irritate the management of the center along with their adult children.

How are you going to Wait for God?

Are you going to live life to the fullest? Maybe find a few shenanigans to get into? Are you going to go on adventures? Are you going to make your adult children wonder where you are and what you’re up to?

Let me ask you again. How are you going to Wait for God?

Sitting in a recliner, watching television, and hoping that you die in your sleep?

If you want to live life to the fullest in your senior years then you’ve got to invest a heck of a lot more than money into your retirement plan. You’ve got to invest good nutrition, regular exercise, and sleep now to reap the benefit later.


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