Thank you Miss Gail for asking me what happened to my blogs. I wish I could say that I’ve been too busy to write but that would be a lie. Truth be told, I had convinced myself that nothing I have to say was worth writing…..

But your email told me that I have something to say that’s worth reading.

I originally intended for this blog to be about aligning spirit, soul, and body but somehow found myself focusing on the body and neglecting the spirit and soul. (I do this because I find it much easier to deal with body issues than with the spirit and soul.)

Somehow, I’m going to get this back on track by making regular posts that will focus the aligning of spirit, soul, and body into our daily lives.

Before I can move forward from here, I feel like I need to define spirit, soul, and body.

3d7bc4b266148a2f2bc38d5e6db0b3c2The body is easy enough. It’s the physical part of ourselves that carries the spirit and soul. And even though it’s easy to understand it has never been easy to control. The body wants what the body wants…..

The soul is the place that holds our memories, makes decisions, and carries guilt. The soul is where our will and desire battle to determine who wins. You know that place where you tell yourself that you won’t eat, say, or do that (whatever that is for you)  but you want it so bad…..

The spirit is the space that was made for God. It’s the altar on which we place our will and desire so that we can surrender to God’s greater good or purpose in our lives. The spirit is the sacred that dwells within each and every one of us.

You see, I believe that it’s absolutely impossible to stay in balance and that’s because life is always throwing something new at you and it often hits you square in the face. It’s can be quite difficult to stay in balance and take the licks that’s life is hurling your way and that’s because balance requires you to depend on your strength to keep standing and not fall over.

sunset_tree_grandeTake a moment and do a tree pose. How long can you stand like this? What if someone came in and tossed you a ball? Could you catch the ball? Would you lose your balance? Would you fall over?

If you get tired, can you take a break, get a snack, and find rest in this pose?  Can you move forward in this pose?

Now walk a straight line. If the line went on for miles you could keep walking, couldn’t you? If someone were to toss you a ball, I bet you could catch it. And if you couldn’t then you’d still be able to bend down, pick it up, and toss it back without getting off track. If you got tired, you could sit down, have a snack, and even take a nap before you started moving forward again.

That’s the difference between balance and alignment. Balance often causes us to stay still while alignment gives us the freedom to move forward.

Which makes me wonder what do you want. Balance? Or alignment?