You may remember the story. Four starving lepers are sitting outside the city’s gate. And they  ask each other the same question I’m about to ask you….

“Why are we sitting here until we die?”

The lepers above reasoned that they are going to die one way or another and maybe, just maybe, they can postpone death for a wee bit longer.  They decide to risk the suffering they’re enduring to find something to eat with the hopes that they can postpone death by at least a few days.  (If you know the story then you know that they find more than enough for themselves…. they find enough to feed an entire nation.)

I know far too many people who are metaphorically sitting at the city’s gate and doing their best to endure to the end. These men and women are being held hostage by the lie that there is nothing that can be done to improve their spirit, soul, or body so they’re just going to sit still and wait for death to make it’s appearance.

And, like the lepers, they’re right. Eventually death is going to come.

But how are you going to greet it? Are you going to live life to the fullest so that death has to chase you down? Or are you going to continue to sit in your recliner waiting for it to arrive?


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