On the road….

I did something I’ve never done before in my life! I drove from Gallup to Panama City Beach all by myself. The hours spent alone and behind the wheel made me realize one thing.

I could never be a truck driver!

I’ve confessed that I’m a stress eater but this trip showed me that I also eat out of boredom and to stay awake.

Knowing why I eat is huge! It’s because I know why I eat that I can prepare what I eat. I now know that if I’m by myself in a car for extremely long periods of time that I’ll eat to stay awake.

The good news is that I had prepared for the trip by  packing nuts, raisins, cherries, bottled water, and dark chocolate covered almonds as my sweet treat. So even though I ate out of boredom and to stay awake, I ate food that was good for me.

What about you? Do you know where your temptations lie? Have you identified those things that cause you to munch your way through the day? And, have you prepared for those times?

For me it’s preparation that helps me win the battle of the bulge. And I’m sure it will help you too!