Take your medicine….

78432030_xsThis is my first memory of taking medicine.  My mom would sit on the toilet with the lid down and throw one leg  over me to hold me down. She’d hold my nose and push the teaspoon filled with castor oil into my mouth and absolutely force me to swallow it!  I called her today to find out why in the heck she gave me this horrid liquid and she said it was to “clean me out.

Throughout the years, I’ve taken lots of other medications but none quite so horrible as that! Well, cough syrup is pretty nasty too…..

Although the prescription and dosages have changed, I’ve been taking  thyroid medication since I was 27 years old.

Until recently I did the exact same thing every morning. I’d get up. Swallow a pill with a sip of water. And immediately drink several cups of coffee.

Believe it or not, I had been taking this medication wrong for 26 years! I was supposed to wait for at least 30 minutes before drinking my coffee so that my body would fully absorb the little pill.

When I learned that I had been doing it wrong, I started putting the pill and a glass of water by my bed so that I can take it when I first wake up and then I turn over and go right back to sleep until I can have that hot, steamy, wonderful brown elixir called coffee!


I’ve also discovered another thing that I’ve been doing wrong. I’ve been taking one large dose of Armour each morning instead of dividing it into several doses each day. (The reason behind dividing the dosage is that our bodies don’t produce all the T4 and T3 that we need only once a day but releases it all day long. Yet, for some reason,  we medicate ourselves as if  we only need one large dose a day.)

Today, I started  dividing my prescription in half and taking it twice a day so that I will not bonk by three but will actually have the stamina and clarity of mind to be productive during the late afternoon and early evening.

But that’s enough about me. What I’m wondering is if you are taking your medications correctly. Maybe it’s time to go back and read those printed papers they staple to your prescription that tell you all about the medication. Or, you might want to ask your doctor if she has any advice about your medication. You may want to research how to get the most from your prescriptions.

I’m just sayin’ that if we are going to take a pill (or two or three or……) then we should be getting the best results possible even if that means changing how we’ve done it all these years.

What do you think?