Great recipes and empty plates…….

DSCN4157This is how my cooking magazines look. After I’ve glanced through them and thought about all the great things I could make, they lay on  the  coffee table until I throw them into a basket by the television

It’s always been like that for me.  Every now and then I try to find a way to organize them but usually end up with baskets filled with magazines.

Several years ago I tried organizing them by going through each magazine, cutting out the recipes that looked good to me, separating each recipe by category, and then pasting them into a scrapbook. And then I ended up tossing the unfinished scrapbook along with the cut out recipes and magazines into a basket stuffed into the corner of my craft closet.

Then I tried either cutting and pasting recipes from websites or typing in each recipe into one of the apps that the internet generously offers.  I ended up with virtual baskets filled with unused recipes.

Somehow, I always ended up with great recipes and empty plates.

I finally stumbled onto a solution that works for me. I’ve decided that these recipes are not something to save but an opportunity to savor God’s goodness! When the magazine arrives, I tear out the recipes I want to try. During the week, I add one or two of these recipes to my meal plan. And once I’ve made that recipe I throw that page away! If I haven’t used all the recipes that I’ve torn out  when the new magazine comes, I throw them away and start over.

I’m finally using the magazine in a way that really works for me, The torn out recipe becomes  my grocery list, I’m trying new foods instead of just looking at the pictures. I’m learning more about various seasonings and trying new cooking techniques. And thoroughly enjoying myself.

And then I get to do it all again next month.

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