Getting dressed for church….

Getting dressed for church….

This morning we will get ready to go to church. We’ll put on makeup and do our hair. We’ll stand in front of our closets wondering what to wear. And all the while we are getting ready for church, we will be talking to ourselves.

Most of us will complain about how we look. We’ll tell ourselves that we’re too fat, too old, and out of shape. Many of us are having a bad hair day and are wishing we had hair like Jennifer Aniston. Others are noticing new wrinkles for the first time. We may even ask our husbands the dreaded question…..

Do these pants make my butt look fat?

We are feeling insecure before we ever make it through the church doors. And when we get there, we may even start feeling  worse about ourselves! Maybe the lead singer is young and beautiful. Maybe the pastor’s wife has fingernails and toenails that match her Chico’s So Slimming outfit. Maybe the lady behind us has on the same summer dress and it accentuates her curves perfectly while it makes us feel fat and frumpy.

Even while we are singing praises to the one who made us in His image we are rehearsing   our own insecurities.

As James would say, sisters, it isn’t right for things to be this way!

He goes on to say……

James 3: but the tongue no one can tame — it is an unstable and evil thing, full of death-dealing poison! With it we bless Adonai, the Father; and with it we curse people, who were made in the image of God.

Sisters, it’s not just those ladies who intimidate us who are made in the image of God—–We are made in his image too! It’s actually impossible for us to stand in church,  singing praise to God while we are cursing, belittling, and berating ourselves! We might be singing the words, but our hearts and minds are way too occupied with our own insecurities.

So now our insecurities have stolen not only our confidence and relationships with other women but they have also stolen our praise and worship!

This morning, I’m going to confront the lies that I tell myself every Sunday morning with the truth of God’s word!

Psalm 139:14 I thank you because I am awesomely made, wonderfully; your works are wonders — I know this very well.

And guess what? These pants make my butt look fine!


I think the one of the curses of the fatherless child is to always compare oneself against someone else. For me, I was always searching for a reason why I wasn’t wanted and I was convinced that it had to be all about me —- it couldn’t have been about my mom or my biological father’s own shortcomings, selfishness, or lack of responsibility.

So I began comparing myself with girls who had their very own fathers. They were smarter, sillier, and sweeter than I must of been because their daddies didn’t abandon them. So I’d try to act like them so that I could have my very own daddy one day. And when that didn’t work, I became more and more introverted so that I didn’t have to see what they had that I so desperately needed. it wasn’t until I was about 13 years old that I began to compare my body to others.  I can remember it clearly. My mom was managing some apartments in Stone Mountain and, after chores, we were allowed to hang out at the pool until she got off of work. There was a girl my age  who wore one of those crocheted bikinis and she overflowed out of the top. (If I would have worn one of those tops at the time it would have looked just like it does in the picture – flat!) Not only did she fill out the bikini she was the first girl my age who seemed to flaunt her sexuality.

And I knew then that I didn’t and wouldn’t ever measure up.

I wish I could say that I outgrew that feeling or that I stopped comparing myself to others only to come up lacking almost every time. Truth be told, it became a habit that usually left me feeling quite horrible about myself. A habit that caused me to withdraw from others because I knew that I didn’t measure up to them.

I became so petty in my comparisons that I’d notice much more than their figures – I’d see their matching finger and toe nails and decide that they wouldn’t like me because I was more of an all natural girl. Or, I’d look at their clothes only to decide that we had nothing in common so they wouldn’t like me.

Those surface judgments stole possible friendships.

I’m telling you this because God brought it to my memory during my prayer time the other day. He asked me to look back at that moment in time and see things as they really were. She was simply a little older than me and way ahead of me in her development. I eventually caught up and  could fill out that bikini top. But it took years for me to catch up to feeling as comfortable in my own skin as she did prancing around the pool that summer.

God then lead me through praying for forgiveness….. Forgiving myself for those horrible comparisons that I made and forgiving him for always being so critical of his creation.  He reminded me that the Word tells me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made  and that I am created in his image, according to his likeness.

If, like me, you often compare yourself to others then maybe it’s time for you to ask God to show you the root of where those comparisons began so that you can dig up that nasty vine and plant seeds of forgiveness and acceptance.  And, together,  we will break this horrible habit that leaves us feeling so insecure that we allow surface judgments to steal possible friendships.

As usual Paul hits us hard in this area when he writes,  “In themselves against each other and comparing themselves with each other, they are simply stupid.” 2 Corinthians 10:12b

Scripture References: Psalm 139:14, Genesis 1:26

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