Decision to change

so-if-you-dont-like-your-life-change-it-how-would-you-change-it-you-decide-theres-no-action-without-quote-1Yesterday’s post might have sounded harsh. While that wasn’t my intention, I am convinced that change will not happen until we decide to change. And we can’t decide to change until we start thinking about change.

I wish that I could live the abundant life that Christ gave me without me having to do  anything. It would be much easier if God just snapped his fingers and everything in my life changed. But it doesn’t happen that way. And you know why? Because I would lose my ever-loving mind! And I would always be afraid that I could lose it as quickly as I got it.

Picture this scenario…..

Y27e7a53525958b9a7e53f88bc9804c22ou get ready to go to bed with your life just as it is everyday. You know that tomorrow there will be laundry and dishes waiting for you when you wake up because you are just too tired to tackle them tonight. Your husband is laying in bed beside you watching some stupid television show with the volume turned up to concert levels. You can hear your kids arguing. And all you want is to get some sleep.a-stunning-picket-fencing-with-yellow-and-white-daisy-flower-also-fieldstone-paving-pathways-to-create-humble-atmosphere

You wake up in the next morning suddenly living in your spotless dream home  with the white picket fence. You feel and look like a million bucks. Your husband has suddenly morphed into  Prince Charming. Your children are acting like little angels.

And you don’t know what to do with yourself! The truth is that you can’t even really enjoy it because you know that tomorrow everything can go back to how it used to be.

This is why God allows us to participate in our own spiritual, relational, and physical transformation. He wants us to be able to enjoy the abundant life that Christ has promised. While He won’t snap his fingers and change everything,  we don’t have to do it on our own. God gives us more than enough grace to work through the changes that we need to make. He gives us wisdom to make better decisions and the self-control to follow through. He gives us peace that passes understanding. He gives us patience and perseverance to see it through. And He loves us with a perfect love that casts out all of our fear.

And all of these gifts come with the decision to change.







My new boot….


I finally went to see the orthopedist about the pain and swelling that I’ve been having in my Achilles’ tendon.  Apparently, I have a bone spur that is rubbing against the tendon causing tendonitis. (Forgive me if I’m not being technical enough here.)

We are hoping that six weeks in a boot plus physical therapy will bring healing and allow me full use of the foot again. (I’m even wishing that I’ll be able to run again……..)

If this doesn’t work, then we will have to consider surgery followed by six weeks in the boot and physical therapy.

I ask that you pray for my healing along with some patience with being slightly incapacitated.

Once I go to my first physical therapy appointment on Monday, I will be able to determine what all I will be allowed to do while wearing the boot.

I know that I can do upper body, core,  and I’m thinking that I’ll be able to use the leg machines at the gym (glute kickbacks, extensions, and curls). I’m hoping that I can continue with yoga. And I’m praying that I will be allowed to get on the rowing machine for some cardio.

Whatever I can or can’t do will not determine my happiness because I know that I can go to the beach, quilt, sew, write, and read.

I’m really, really praying that all will go well and I’ll be out of this boot and be good as new before my new granddaughter arrives in April!