ARMOUR THYROIDI’ve mentioned to you in the past that I have hypothyroidism.    I began to include Armour Thyroid as a part of my treatment program about seven years ago.  Almost two months ago, my new physician in PCB suggested that I go off of the synthetic medication that I had taken for almost two decades while upping my dose of Armour.

After taking Armour only  for six weeks, we did a full blood panel that would give us much more than the results of a simple thyroid test that would include hormones and blood sugar levels.

I expected that she’d simply continue my medication as it is because I’m feeling better than I ever have. But no, she called and wants me to come in to discuss the necessary adjustments in medication(s) that I will need.

This is the time for confession: While I pray the family curse of diabetes has not pushed it’s way past my diet and exercise regiment, I also find myself praying that somehow this blood test will reveal what’s missing in my regiment. Honestly, I find myself hoping that she will offer me a magic potion that will turn my body into a lean, mean, fight burning machine —-

For now, I wait patiently for Friday……..