Ten Hour Days…..

Ten Hour Days…..

Since moving to PCB, Hank has started two new businesses.  He does home inspections. He also does home repairs, renovations, and painting.

I love to paint. And I’m willing to work for the baby clothes that I’m going to buy anyway. That makes me his one and only employee.

(When I start to get frustrated with Hank for telling to go get this or bring me that, I keep reminding myself that “I am created to be his help-meet and that I love helping him.”)

I love being busy and I’m grateful that God is providing for us with these jobs. But I hate that I have so little time for meal preparation. I’m not willing to eat most fast food. I hate spending money eating out at places that serve real food. And, at the end of a ten hour day, I just want to go home.

So what’s a girl to do?

Twice a week I prepare a breakfast casserole which gives me extra time in the morning to put dinner in the crock pot. (You should try this breakfast frittata!) I also use that time to make one great big salad so that I divide it up each day for lunch.

maxresdefaultNow I gotta admit that we have found ourselves eating at fast food restaurants. Hank loves Chick-fil-a and, being in the south, there is one just down the street from the house we are working in. So when we go there, I get the  #SuperfoodSideSalad with kale and broccolini and grilled chicken tenders. On Friday, I picked up a chopped salad from Subway.180s

One day, we had a super treat by stopping by the Seabeeze BBQ food truck and picked up chicken, ribs, and two sides to share.We had this for lunch and then later that evening I ate some of the meat with a side of spaghetti squash that I had made by using the delayed timer on my oven.

This week I also want to try to get some meals together for the pressure cooker so that all I have to do when we get on is turn on the stove.

It’s important to me that Hank and I are eating foods that nourish our bodies. Especially when we are super busy and little bit stressed.

What about you? How do you prepare good meals for your family when you have very little time?



Sweet Land of Liberty….

300px-Playground_slide_close-upWhile there are many reasons to stay fit, I think that one of the best reasons is that I can play with LIberty. In her little mind, I am her personal play servant. Almost every day we would walk to the park and play on the slides. I am proud to say that I can keep up with this energizer bunny. Not only could I climb on the equipment, my rear-end fit on the slide!

When I’m with this little girl, I don’t have a care in the world. She accepts me as I am and wants nothing more than to be with me.

We play all day long. On one of our walks, she heard a neighbor’s wind chimes so we stood on the sidewalk and danced to the music. We play pretend with her little people and I make all the animal noises on the farm.  We wrestle. We sing and dance. And we cuddle and read books.

Another benefit to being fit is that I was able to carry this precious sleeping child through the Columbus Zoo and out to the car. Almost 30 pounds of love with her arms wrapped around my neck and her head nestled close to my face wasn’t heavy – it was heavenly!

Our health and vitality isn’t for us alone. It’s about much more than how we look in a bathing suit or how we feel about ourselves when we are in a crowd of people. It’s more than the peace of mind that comes in knowing that we are preventing diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.  It’s a gift we give to our children and our children’s children.

A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children, but a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous. Proverbs 13:22

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Relationships – Kids

Spending some time with Hannah on the beach before she moves to Ohio.

Let’s talk about our kids….I’ve said things like I’d take a bullet for my kid, I’d die for my kid, my kid is my life. And now I’ve discovered that I’m willing to live for my kid!

By taking care of my body, I’m actually choosing to live for my kid and I’m investing in her future peace of mind.

I love my daughter more than words can ever express and I don’t want her to bear the burden of having to care for me when I’m old. I don’t want her to have to make difficult decisions about my health and well-being.

Choosing to eat well and exercise are the only things that I can physically do to ensure that I’ll be able to live on and take care of myself as I age.

And it’s my gift to Hannah.

I’ve watched illness and disease destroy more than one life…. I’ve watched countless adult children fall into the position of nurse and care-taker. I’ve seen adult children torn between taking care of their own children and caring for their parents.

I’ve also seen the toil that it’s taken on the finances. If you think you have to get sick to die then you must also realize that it’s the most expensive way to go. It takes more than your money, it steals your children’s inheritance.

I’m not going to do that. By taking care of myself I’ll be able to fulfill the scripture that instructs us to leave an inheritance to our children’s children. (Proverbs 13:22)

So, on those days when I feel guilty about taking care of myself that’s when I  remind myself that I’m also taking care of that kid I love so much!