Going thru the motions…..

I’m a people watcher. Especially at the gym. I’m always watching people to see what I can learn from them… And if I like what I’m seeing then I’ll ask them to teach me how to do it. Is my form right? Am I lifting too light or is it too heavy. When should I add this to my routine? All kinds of questions.

But I also notice those who come each and everyday and simply go through the motions. They slowly walk on the treadmill, mosey along between the machines, and lift the lightest weight possible. And they’re not making any progress towards reaching their fitness goals.

And, as a pastor, I watch people go through the motions all the time. They attend church but don’t participate in the worship. They sit on the pews for hours but don’t put anything they hear into practice. And they’re not making any progress towards reaching their spiritual goals.

Physical and spiritual goals are only met through time and effort. Nothing comes easily. We have to push ourselves beyond what we think we can handle. We have to work hard to achieve anything good.

My biggest suggestion here is to stop wasting your time by going through the motions. The time will pass anyway so why not put a little effort into it?