media-1I’ve never been one to have allergies. But I’ve got them this year to the point that I spent yesterday in bed with a hanky, benadryl, and the remote control.  In between blowing my nose and taking short naps I noticed that daytime television is not a fit woman’s best friend. Women with perfect bodies pop up between fast-food commercials that are designed to make your mouth water. I could either  find myself  drooling over a big, juicy burger or hating myself because I don’t look like the women I’m seeing ion television.

And media doesn’t stop there.  I can find  temptation on the pages of My favorite magazines, cookbooks,  and Pinterest pages. And the air-bushed models  could cause me to look at my arms, legs, or buttocks with disgust.

So what’s this sick girl to do? Should I turn off the television to avoid temptation? Should I close the magazine so that I’m unable to compare myself to someone else?

Not only would that have been boring but it’s unrealistic. Everyday I am going to be tempted to eat what I know I should not eat. And I am always going to see women who are prettier, stronger, and leaner than I am.

The only thing that I can do is consistently eat the best of God’s provision along with obeying God’s word by not comparing myself to others. I’ve got to choose over and over again to be the best me!

That’s all I can do!


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