How do you introduce yourself to the world? In the past, I would have told you what I do to introduce you to who I am. Or I would have simplified it even further by simply saying that I’m a Christian who is also a wife, mother, and grandmother.

But I’m discovering what so many other empty-nesters do at this time in life and that is that I don’t really know who I am anymore. My daughter is grown and married. My grandchild lives almost 14 hours away so, at best, I’m only a part time grandmother.  And, since we stopped serving as pastors in Gallup, New Mexico, I can’t even tell you who I am by what I do because all I do anymore is workout and go to the beach.

But I can tell you about the things that interest me and that’s what I attempt to do with this blog. If you’ve read any of my posts then you know that I am passionate about health and fitness. As a christian, it is my deepest desire to align my spirit, soul, and body to God’s purpose for my life.

But I want to take this further by sharing my thoughts with you online and then, if it’s God’s plan, to take this message to the church. You see, I think that the church as we know it has ignored the importance of taking care of the body.  Not only that,  I also believe that if Christians were to lead the way out of the obesity epidemic  then we would have a positive platform to share the good news of Jesus Christ with our family and friends.

Thanks for reading…..

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