It’s a game that I play with my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter. I tell her that I love her more than the beach, my dog Norton, riding my bike, sewing and anything else that I can think of. Usually, she laughs and says “nooooo, bebe” and waits for me to make up another I love you more than statement.

But this time she responded to my I love you more than game with her own….

I love you more than the cow place….

I know that the cow place, also known as  Chick-fil-a, is her absolute favorite place in the world to go for lunch so you can imagine how much this confession of love meant to me.

I want to live a life that worthy of not only her love and respect but also her sister’s. I want to be someone that the girls can trust. As they grow up, I want to be their biggest cheerleader.

And I want to be the older woman they admire. I want the girls to know that I pray for them. I want to be a physical representation of God’s love in both of their lives— you know the never leaving or forsaking kind of love.

I want to be strong and healthy so that I can be there for them if they ever need me. And I don’t want them to ever have to worry about my health and well-being.

These two precious little girls and their mam are big incentives for me to take care of my spirit, soul, and body.

What are your incentives?



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