I remember the first time I ever heard about Lent.I was about 15 years old and I worked at a Mexican restaurant in Renton, Washington. The owner of the company came back with a black smudge on his head and announced that he was giving up alcohol for the next 40 days. When I asked him why, he said that he was fasting alcohol for lent. (We all felt the pain of that fast…..)

Years later, Bishop Mushegan would encourage us to fast during lent so that we could draw closer to God.

This year I approached Lent with the intent to align body, soul, and spirit to God’s Word through fasting, study, and thinking about what I say before I say it.

I have chosen to give up chicken, beef, and pork along with watching television.

I started a new Bible study and am earnestly giving time and thought to God’s word and how to apply it to my daily life.

And this is the hard part….

I am really thinking about what I say about myself before I say anything at all. I am taking a moment to ask myself if the words I’m about to say about myself are in alignment with what God says about me. I’m also asking that God reveals those things that I’ve said about myself that did not align with his word so that I can repent.

I’m thinking that learning to say what God says about me is another way of learning to love myself. And when I can love myself better, I can love those around me better than ever before.

And maybe, just maybe, loving others well is the best way that I can love God.


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