There are two trees in the New Testament that concern me greatly.

We know the whole story about the fig tree. Hungry, expecting fruit, and finding nothing to eat Jesus curses the tree and it dies.

Now early in the morning, as Jesus was coming back cursed-fig-treeto the city, He was hungry. Seeing a lone fig tree at the roadside, He went to it and found nothing but leaves on it; and He said to it, “Never again will fruit come from you.” And at once the fig tree withered. Matthew 21:18-19 (AMP)

It’s the second story that concerns me….. Take a moment and read it for yourself:

Then Yeshua gave this illustration: “A man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard, and he came looking for fruit but didn’t find any.  So he said to the man who took care of the vineyard, ‘Here, I’ve come looking for fruit on this fig tree for three years now without finding any. Cut it down — why let it go on using up the soil?’  But he answered, ‘Sir, leave it alone one more year. I’ll dig around it and put manure on it.  If it bears fruit next year, well and good; if not, you will have it cut down then.’” Luke 13:6-9 (CJB)

Jesus doesn’t tell us what happens to the tree. And this leaves me with questions:

  • Does the man allow the gardener to fertilize the tree?
  • Does he have enough patience to wait another year to see if it bears fruit?
  • Does he demand that the tree be cut down immediately?
  • Did the tree ever produce fruit?
  • Does the tree produce fruit the next year?

It really bothers me that I don’t know what happened to this tree. And what does that mean for me?

I told you the other day that I feel like God’s finished with me. Obviously, I’m not the tree in the first story because I’m not dead. What if I’m the tree in the second story? What if the only reason that I’m still here is that someone still believes in me?

Maybe Jesus told the story this way so that I can write my own ending to the story….

I choose to believe that the ending to my story is that God is not finished with me yet and I will be productive once again.

How will your story end?



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