Health reasons…..

I’m going to tell you a secret that I learned quite by accident. But first the story about how I discovered this secret…..

friedwontonA few weeks ago I met my brother and his family in Jacksonville for dinner. He  ordered fried wontons as an appetizer. Being the nice man that he is, he passed the plate around to make sure that everyone got one or two.   He asked why wouldn’t I eat them when I said no thank you. I told him told him that I couldn’t have them for…..

health reasons

He shrugged and his shoulders and said okay.

In the past when I was asked this question, I’d say things like I want to lose weight or that I was watching what I ate. And almost always they’d say that eating it just this one wouldn’t hurt anything. And, more often than not, I’d eat whatever they were offering just to be nice and avoid conflict.

If he had asked for an explanation, I would have explained that because  my thyroid requires that I avoid gluten.

But  like most people, he didn’t ask.

Now you may be thinking that you are different from me and  don’t have any health reasons to turn down anything that is being offered. But you do! Here, I’ll give you a short list of health reasons…..

  • You want to be healthy.
  • You don’t want to get diabetes or heart disease like others in your family.
  • You need to lose those pounds to take the pressure off of your back or knees.
  • You feel better when you avoid those foods.

No one ever said that mine and your list of health reasons has to come from a doctor’s office…..




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