From 200-175 BCE, Jewish scribe Shimon ben Yeshua ben Eliezer ben Sira of Jerusalem spent about 25 years writing a book of wisdom. This is what he has to say about my favorite topic…


It is better to be poor, but strong and healthy, than to be rich, but in poor health. A sound, healthy body and a cheerful attitude are more valuable than gold and jewels. Nothing can make you richer or give you greater happiness than those two things.   

Clearly, Sirach values health and well-being far more than riches. But what about you? How important is it to you to be healthy? Is it important enough that you are willing to make changes in your diet and lifestyle to develop good health? Do you value good health more than you value momentary pleasure? Is your health more valuable to you than your possessions?

When we are asked questions like this, we respond automatically with the answer that we know we should give. Of course! I value my health.

But let me ask that question another way?

Do you value your health more than your car?

Of course!

Let’s test that answer.  Go out and pour ten gallons of coke into your gas tank. What? You wouldn’t do that because it would tear up your car? Not only would it tear up your car but it would cost a small fortune to fix it.  So you won’t do that, will you?

But you know that you are feeding your body all kinds of things that can eventually make you really sick. And you keep eating and/or drinking those foods  over and over and over again with little to no thought of what it’s doing to you or what it’s going to cost to get well.

So let me ask you again.

Do you value good health?



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