Buying time….

I told you yesterday that I have to wait THIRTY minutes before I can have my morning cup of coffee. Usually, I lay in bed and wait for those long minutes to pass. Sometimes I get up, count down the minutes, and sit with Hank while he drinks his coffee.


Hank and I like to drink our first cup of coffee with Joyce Meyer.

I’ve always enjoyed her practical approach to Christianity and have credited her ministry to most of my inner healing. After Hannah got osony-walkman-cassette-player-350n the big yellow school bus, I’d stuff my Walkman along with an extra tape into my athletic neoprene purple fanny pack and go on my morning run. (Yes. I am that old!)

I still love her practical approach. And every morning, she still challenges me to heal, grow, and do my best to enjoy the life that God has given me!

But I’m rambling. Today she was talking about living life on purpose and not wasting time. She went on to say that at 73 years old, she works out with weights three times a week and walks five miles a day. (I’m impressed!) She said that others might see that as a waste of time but she sees it as buying time!

Buying time!

The National Cancer Institute  once wrote,

“Regular exercise extended the lives in every group that we examined in our study—normal weight, overweight, or obese.”

Buying time to live. Buying time to give. Buying time to grow old without feeling old. Buying time to be with  children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

Would you see exercising differently if you thought of it as buying time instead of losing or wasting time? Would you find a way to incorporate some form of exercise in your life if you thought it might give you a few more days, weeks, or years with your family?

According to the National Cancer Institute you could actually buy as much as 4.5 years by incorporating regular exercise into your life!


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