Thyroid issues….

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in my mid 20’s. My experience with this disease is that must be monitored and medicated. And throughout the years, I have tried to become more and more knowledgeable about it.

As a result of wanting to know more, I have read medical posts, books, and blogs.

Yet, I tend to read about it like I watch the news. I watch CNN and Fox and then determine that the truth is somewhere in between.

paleothyroidsolution_coverYesterday I read The Paleo Thyroid Solution  by Elle Russe.

I don’t share her opinions of the medical profession. While I have experienced one or two doctors who were not willing to hep me in my struggles with this disease, I have also had many care-givers within the last couple of decades who were more than willing to listen, study, and even do what I was asking simply because I know my body better than anyone else.

I do agree with one thing that she mentions over and over and that is that each individual is responsible for their own well-being. It is our responsibility to study. It is our responsibility to search out medical providers who will really listen to what we have to say. It is our responsibility to feed our bodies with foods that heal. It is our responsibility to find some form of exercise that we will actually do on a regular basis.

Our health and well-being is our responsibility. We must be our greatest advocate!

And while I’m writing about this book, I’d also like to say that I absolutely agree with Russ that diet and nutrition is vital to our well-being. We simply cannot keep feeding our bodies the Standard American Diet and expect to live in good health.

For me, that means eating what I call the Creation Diet and others may call Paleo or Primal. If it can be picked, caught, or killed then that’s what I’m eating.










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