Oh my! How we’ve grown!!!

wsizes-web-history-150-newI told you  that I would share my thoughts on the Time article. And here they are……

I don’t know why the Time article focused on size 8 when….

“The average American woman now wears between a size 16 and a size 18, according to new research from Washington State University.” Tim Gunn

It’s time that we decide to take care of ourselves regardless of what size the tear-a-way label in your pants tells you that you are.

If you hate the way you feel or look then do something about it.

If you know that you are not living your best life because of how much you weigh then do something about it.

If you are not taking care of your body by feeding it nutritious food and getting some exercise then do something about it.

I can’t tell you how many women who have told me that they’ll lose weight when they get sick with diabetes or high blood pressure. Or they’ll start eating better when they can afford it. Or they’ll start exercising when they can find the time. (Really? If you are going to have to lose the weight after being diagnosed with a life-altering disease then why not do it now and prevent it altogether?)

This is the problem with procrastinating. If you don’t do something about it now then you will get bigger and bigger and eventually sicker and sicker. And the industry will attempt to ease the pain of gaining weight by changing the sizing labels all over again.

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

I agree with my friend, Cathy, who said that we should love ourselves no matter what our weight. But you know what? Loving yourself also means taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Loving yourself means that you give yourself the best life possible and live this one life that God has given us to the fullest with as little regret as possible.








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