The cost of living well…..

grocerybill4Hannah and I were talking the other day about  how much it costs to buy high quality and nutritious food.

As we were talking, I thought about the high costs of those things  that we so willing pay for such as our homes, cars, and cell phones.  Not only are we willing to pay for these things, I rarely hear anyone complain about how much they are spending each month on them.

So I decided to google these things and to find out just how much the average American may be paying…..

 According to the article on “New car, new reality: Auto loan borrowing hits fresh highs”

  • Average auto loan: $30,032 — the first time the amount borrowed to buy a new vehicle has topped $30,000.
  • Average monthly payment: $503 — the first time the average auto payment has gone over the $500 mark.
  • Average term for an auto loan: 68 months — this is the longest average term ever seen by Experian.

According to the National Association of Realtors, the national average for a home loan is $222,261 with a $1,061 average monthly payment for a 30-year mortgage at 4 percent, according to LendingTree.

The iPhone 7 will cost between $649.00 to $769.00. If you pay for it with your monthly bill you’ll be paying somewhere between $32.00 and $38.00.  Don’t forget that you still have to  pay your monthly bill that includes all those dang-blasted charges and taxes. For most of us we are probably spending at least $100 a month for our phones.

So, using these figures we are spending about $1600 a month for our home, car, and phone. (For simplicity sake, I am not even going to talk about insurance, repairs, and the various other costs we might incur while we are paying for them.)

And you know what? Most of us will buy and sell our home several times before we find our forever home. Many will buy a new car before this one is paid off. And even more of us will get a new phone within the next few years. May I gently remind you that when all that other stuff is gone that you will definitely have this body until the day you die?

Are you worth the cost of feeding yourself well? Is the health and well-being of your family worth more than a car payment? When it comes right down to it, what are your priorities?

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