Hannah, Austin, and the girls spent about 10 days with us at the first of July and I enjoyed every minute of it! It’s the first time that Liberty’s been big enough to enjoy the full Panama City Beach experience.

We spent the days at the beach. On one evening, we  rode rides at the Lil’ Miracle Strip over by Dave & Busters. We started out on the Merry-Go-Round and ended on the spinning roller coaster. On another night, she got to drive the bumper boats. We played putt-putt at Coconut Grove. (Well, we played holes 2-5, 17 and 18.) We took the Captain Anderson III sunset cruise. She saw several movies. Her parents took her to Gulf World while I spent the afternoon with baby Rae-Rae.

We were exhausted by the time they went home. As I was laying in bed one night, I began to wonder if Hannah might think that I love the girls more than I love her. So I called her to tell her that I don’t love them more, I’m just able to love them better. When Hannah was a baby I was struggling with my own fears and insecurities. I was terrified that I was going to do something that would screw her up forever. And, like most young moms, I was incredibly busy trying to take care of a home, raise a child, working, and attending church.

Now I’m able to give my girls my full and complete attention. I believe that grandmothers really have only one thing to give their grandchildren and that’s good memories. Most of the stuff that we buy will be out-grown, thrown away, or given away. But memories will last forever.

perfect2blove2bcasts2bout2bfear2521As I have matured, I’ve learned to love better but I am not capable of perfect love. Only God is able to love us with  perfect love that is unyielding and never-ending. And that’s the love that we need to tap into during these trying and changing times. When we choose to trust in his perfect love for us then we will not have to fear the terror that seems to threaten us every time we turn on the television. If we can believe in his heart for us then we won’t have to be afraid of those who believe differently from us. When we choose to live in his love we won’t see those who don’t vote as we do as enemies who are trying to take something away from us.

Let’s you and I choose to love better than we have ever loved before and rest in his perfect love that casts out fear.






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