Just Say No

littlemermaidOkay, I have to preface this with a disclaimer. When Hannah was a little girl I would not allow her to watch the Little Mermaid because I felt that Ariel was rebellious and still got everything she wanted. I did not want Hannah to think that life worked like that…. Remember, I was teaching her that disobedience brings pain.

Now Hannah is a mom and she’s decided that Liberty cannot watch the Prince and the Frog beca2071417-princessandthefrogposteruse of the voodoo.


But not every one thinks the way that we do.  Today, Hank and I went to see The Revenant staring Leonardo DiCaprio. I gotta be honest here. I had to leave before the movie even started because I couldn’t watch the previews for  Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies or the The Conjuring. (Up to that point, I was beating the popcorn temptation but I had to go somewhere and found myself at the concession stand.)  Once I was sure that the previews were over, I made my way back to my seat and was totally horrified to have to scoot by a three year old!

I know that we live in a different time but I still believe that our little ones are to be protected from the scary things in life even if that means that we deny ourselves.

We have got to learn the power of the word NO! whether we are telling ourselves that we can’t see certain movies because we don’t have childcare or if we are explaining to our children why they can’t see a Disney movie.

There are so many areas that need a good firm no….. So, parents and grandparents, let’s do what Nancy Reagan taught us and “Just Say No.”


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