My doctor’s appointment was today.  Apparently, Janet only wanted to see me because my thyroid levels were so low that she was concerned about me and wanted to see for herself how I’m doing. We are going to increase my medication for the next four to six weeks and then do another blood test to ensure that I’m reaching and the maintaining the right thyroid levels.

When I asked her about my weight she told me that the levels are so low that I should be proud of all that I’ve accomplished. She went on to say that with levels this low it would be next to impossible to lose these last ten pounds. So, here’s hoping that I have more energy, feel better, and lose the weight with the increase.

I’ll keep you posted.

What about you? Is it possible that your weight gain is about much more than diet and exercise? If you’re not feeling well, if you’re eating well, and if you just can’t lose the weight even with the work you’re doing, then it may be time to see your doctor!

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