My brother took me and my parents to Pike’s Place Market in downtown Seattle yesterday. As our day was ending and we were leaving the market, we came across a set of twins. One was shuffling down the walkway, gripping the rails with all of his strength, and being guided by his younger brother.  His brother told me that they were 86 years old and that the shuffling man was six minutes older than he was…. He then asked how in the world a six minute age gap could make his brother an old man while he was still fit and spry.

While I don’t know the details about their lives, I would venture to say that the younger one stayed active and, for whatever the reason, the older brother did not. I say this because I’m staying with my parents in their senior housing neighborhood and I see how these choices have played out all around me. There are men and women who are out sweeping their sidewalks, walking their dogs, taking water aerobics,  and working in their yards.

On my flight over here, I met an 80 year old ballroom dancer who is still competing. My best friend’s 84 year old mom does the polka in her kitchen every night. And at the gym there is a 75 year old retired nurse who has hired a trainer to help her with body building.

I don’t know about you, but as for me, I am pretty determined to be in the fit category. Why? Because I want to be like these heroes of mine and enjoy every minute of this life that God has given me.

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