Several years ago I went through a very, very difficult time. Some of you may remember bits and pieces of it but for the rest of you, I’ll give you a brief summary:

Flat dab in the middle of my menopause, we discovered that someone was stealing money from the men and women in our church and, as a result of that, the church began to shrink each week. It seemed as if everything that I had given my life to was dying right in front of my eyes AND I was having hot flashes along with various other symptoms of menopause. It was horrible and I was absolutely hopeless.

At that time, my son-in-law who happens to be a psych-nurse suggested that I consider going back on antidepressants. Like many others, he believes that anti-depressants can be used to get you through difficult times and then you can be weaned off of them to live life. And I knew that too because I had used them in the past.

And it worked for me! I believe that those little pills helped me though some of the most difficult times in my life —- But there was one area of life in which they worked against me. Not only did I gain weight while on them, I also had a difficult time losing it. And for awhile, I had to balance out which was the lesser of two evils – depression or weight gain.

I can’t say that I was content with the weight gain but it was a whole lot easier to handle with those little pills.

Eventually things got better for me emotionally – or maybe I just got stronger. Last fall, I followed my son-in-laws advice and began to wean myself from the anti-depressants. Not only did I lose the weight I’d gained but I I had also gained a whole new perspective on life.

While I know that there are going to potholes in the road of life, I believe that I’ve learned how to navigate my way around or through them. When it seems as if life is crashing in on me, I go to the gym and workout my frustration instead of wallowing in it. I’ve learned that too much sugar works as a depressant in me and that exercise is a calorie burning antidepressant.  A tired body sleeps well but a depressed mind spends the night rehearsing all that’s not working in life.

I’m not telling you to wean yourself from those little pills known as antidepressants but I am telling you to start adding some exercise to your day and to begin paying attention to how your diet makes you feel emotionally. I would suggest that you google “sugar and depression” to better understand the link between diet and depression. And, as you begin to notice that life is looking better and better, talk to your doctor about making any changes in the medications you take.

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