it’s all in the perception….

Did I tell you that I got a kayak for Christmas? And last week I got the paddle, life jacket, and whistle to go with it.  It’s crazy but there is a $75 fine if you are caught on the water without that little $2.79 whistle? Hank had gotten a life jacket for Christmas and he got his kayak, paddle, and $2.79 whistle last week also.kayaks

Once we got everything together, we loaded those babies into the truck and headed out to Lake Powell.  The first day we paddled our way around the lake, under the bridge, and towards the gulf.  And it was fun!

But the next time we went out, we decided to go towards the head of the lake through the salt marshes. It was amazing. I wouldn’t describe it as fun or as a workout. It’s more like an exercise in meditation. As the waters stilled , the wildlife came alive. We saw ospreys, gator beds, turtles, and lots of fish. Quiet. Peaceful. Perfect.

During that quiet time, I began to think about all the hours I spent paddling around my grandparents place on Crystal Lake. It was one of the poorest times my family ever experienced but it was rich in experiences.

I can remember taking the john boat (without a life jacket or whistle) out to the far edges of the lake, dropping the anchor, and reading for hours. Once I graduated to the canoe, I’d go further and see more. I loved to drift along and watch the turtles sunning on the logs with the goal of getting as close as I could without them jumping in the water to find safety.

It was on these trips that I found quiet, peace, and perfection in a perfectly imperfect world.

And, once again, I found peace in a perfectly imperfect world.  And, for a few hours, I was the richest woman in all of Panama City Beach……

I’d remiss if I didn’t mention that living a fit lifestyle now allows me to paddle my way through the salt marshes.  Being fit isn’t just about size or shape – it’s about the ability to truly experience the world around you. 

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