In order to renew my personal training certification, I have to have a minimum of 20 hours of educational or experience classes. I chose to get my 20 hours with a course in Positive Psychology. As I’ve read the introduction, I’ve come to learn that positive psychology is the study of what goes right in life.

As always, God’s timing in my life is impeccable. I find that I’m in the perfect place to plot out the next phase of my life and I want to do so with a sense of expecting God’s best for me.

With that said, my homework assignment is to write out my own legacy. How do I want to be remembered? When you are peering over the sides of my casket, what would I hear? I decided to do this on my blog and I’m hoping that you say things like this:

Photo on 2-25-15 at 11.27 AM #2

It seemed like she loved God from the moment she was born. Remember how she always said that God shouted out as she was coming down the birth canal – Don’t forget me because you’re really going to need me later. She always wanted to please God. But more than pleasing God as his servant, she wanted to experience God as her father. Gosh! I remember when she finally learned that God didn’t love her because of what she could do for him but simply because she’s his daughter and he genuinely liked her.

Sharon and Hank were married forEVER! From the outside looking in it seemed as if they fell more in love each year. They were always together and lived life to it’s fullest potential. You know, even when the were old they were always holding hands and touching each other. Sometimes they even embarrassed us with the things they would say about their romance.

Sharon loved being a mom and a grandma. You know, Hannah was a miracle baby and Sharon was always so thankful that she got the opportunity to be a mom to her. And then when that grandbaby arrived! She loved that baby!

One thing Sharon wanted for herself and for those she loved was to be healthy. She wanted everyone to find the divine alignment of body, soul, and spirit for themselves just like she did. She loved knowing that she was healthy enough to ride bikes, kayak, and go on adventures well into her old age. But she didn’t want to go alone – she wanted all of us to go with her. I remember her telling us that people see our body before they meet the Jesus we carry inside. She was an inspiration!

The other thing we remember about Sharon is that she always tried to encourage us.  I think she developed this gift through the years because that was her love language. It’s what she wanted for herself so she gave it to others.

Sharon was a good woman who always tried to do the right thing. She seemed to understand the value of doing right simply because it was right and not because of what she could gain by it. She was a woman of integrity and a woman who will be missed.


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