Finally Florida…..

I am absolutely convinced that moving, like having babies, is for the young. Whew! It’s hard work to pack up and move 1600 miles across the country!

After making sure that Granny’s surgery was successful and that she was doing well, we went back to Gallup to pack up and get back as quickly as possible. Well, things didn’t go exactly as planned. Once we got there we realized that we had more to do than we thought and that this was going to be a quick trip.

After several days of packing boxes and loading the trailer we were finally ready to pull out. And that’s when we realized that we had way too much stuff to take across the country. Seriously, that trailer was loaded to the ground.

Not only that be we BOTH got the flu! Our previously planned “quick” trip was going to be much longer than we planned.

So, with raging fevers and aching heads, we unloaded EVERY thing from the trailer, went through boxes to dispose of everything we didn’t absolutely need (including my complete wardrobe), had a yard sale, and reloaded the truck.

Around 3 pm on Friday, February 13th, we pulled out of our driveway in Gamerco and began our journey. A trip that normally takes two days to drive took a full three days. I jokingly told Hank that I wish I could show movies on the back of that trailer because that’s all I saw for those three days of driving. But I’m glad I was back there because I noticed his flat tire before he did and I was able to help him change lanes by pulling out and blocking the drivers behind me. (Glad I couldn’t hear what they were saying/screaming!)

bb448b07fa3171fc8d0c23be538d670dNow, we’ve spent the last week unpacking and organizing those things we brought. Our downsizing continues as we realize that many of things we brought will not work in this small house…..

But what is working is US! Hank and I are happier than we’ve been in a very long time. We spend each day grateful that God has brought us here and we go to bed each night happy to be in each other’s arms.

We are blessed to begin this new journey in life together….

Oh! And about getting rid of that wardrobe. Now that wasn’t a bother to me! I mean what girl doesn’t look forward to a little bit of shopping. Plus, I’ve always wanted to create a style that was all my own………I’m thinking beachy-chic!

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