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mels step

I almost started crying during step class this morning. It wasn’t because I couldn’t keep up. Although I couldn’t keep up. And it wasn’t because I am so uncoordinated that I trip over my own two feet. Yes, I do trip over my feet and kick the step away from me while working out. 

It was because I’ve found community in the gym. Once the ladies realized that this was my first time at the class they moved me to the center so that I could see the instructor better. They chanted the step moves as I was learning them. They told me that I was doing a good job. And they encouraged me to come back on Thursday.

Community found. It’s not a geographical location that I’ve been missing. It’s a culture. It’s women who encourage women. It’s the older ladies in front of me who are willing to teach me the basic steps. It’s the younger women behind me who have mastered the “next level” of stepping and are challenging me to join them. And it’s the ladies beside me who are my age and and are determined to fight gravity and live healthy. Like me, they are looking at the ladies in front of me and telling themselves that we are going to be just like them! Really! Who wouldn’t want to be like the 74 year old lady who does spinning, tabata, and step classes? And let’s not even talk about that lady who’s in her late 70’s who just recently hired her own personal trainer so that she could learn to lift weights along with going to all the classes including yoga. And what about the lady who told me she’s been doing these classes before I was born? Who wouldn’t want to be like her!?!?

I can’t tell you how many people have told me that they hate working out because it’s boring. May I suggest that instead of going to the gym and climbing on that treadmill one more time that you join a class? Like me, you may discover that you are uncoordinated and you might trip over your own two feet. But you might also discover that doesn’t matter because you’ve found a community who accepts you where you are and encourages you to go further than you ever thought you could!

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