no phone……

It’s crazy but my brand new phone has proven “defective.” Yes, that’s the term they used for it and now I’m waiting not-so-patiently for a new phone. Since I rarely talk on the phone I thought I wouldn’t miss it. What I didn’t realize is how much I use it as a clock,  calendar,  workout and food diary, and as my photo/video album.

What I did realize and what I’m missing like crazy is my daily FaceTime sessions with Liberty. How I miss my little girl!

Oh well, hopefully my new new phone will be here tomorrow!

I started back at my favorite Panama City Beach gym, the Rock Pile, last Tuesday. While I didn’t make it to any of the classes last week, I did get to go to the Tabata class this morning. I had planned to go to the spinning class this afternoon but didn’t make it cuz I’m already seriously sore from my leg/glute workout this morning. Patting myself on the back…… I squatted my heaviest weight to date today! Now you may not be impressed with my 75 pounds but I am! I have a goal of squatting my body weight this year.

Guess I should give that a deadline, uh?

Hank and I have been eating out quite a bit since we’ve been here. But I’ve been making great food choices in each restaurant. I try to find a good protein and steamed veggies or a salad at each place. We ate at the Olive Garden with David last night – I chose the salad and split the Rosemary Chicken with Hank. And  I haven’t returned to my ole’ southern habit of drinking sweet tea!

Now that doesn’t mean that my sweet tooth has been silent this week. No, it’s been crying out for anything it can find. When that happens, I allow myself one square of dark chocolate to satisfy the craving. If that doesn’t work it’s time for chewing gum. Now I’m not going to lie to you and say that gum totally satisfies the craving but it does keep my mouth full and stops me from mindlessly giving in to my sweet tooth.

What do you do when a bit of something will not satisfy your craving?

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