Wrinkle-Cream-picOkay. The other day I was putting on my eye makeup. After finishing the rest of my makeup I looked back at my eyes to make sure there were no smudges or clumps of mascara. And then I noticed what seemed like a crease in my makeup. I rubbed and rubbed it but it would not go away. And then I realized that it’s not a crease in my makeup, it’s a dang crease in my eyelids. It’s a stinkin’ wrinkle!

Well, obviously, I am not ready for wrinkles. I like the grey streaks in my hair because I know that I can cover them up if I ever want to. But wrinkles! They are here to stay. And they promise to bring more friends with them to reside on the landscape known as my face.

So, I do what every other woman my age would do. I go to buy some kind of miracle cream that will erase all signs of aging. As I step up to the consultant, I tell her that I want a cream that will make my face look as young as my body feels. And you know what she tells me? She says that my skin is beautiful and that although her products are good they are not necessary and I “definitely don’t need them” yet.

Really. Isn’t it sad that I look at myself and see what’s wrong and others look at me to see what’s beautiful? And you know, it’s the same with God. I go before Him telling Him everything that is wrong with me and my life. And He’s doing best to tell me that I am beautiful and He’s got everything else under control. Sometimes we need to shut up, listen to those around us,  learn to take the compliment, and receive the love!

Everything about you is beautiful, my love; you are without a flaw……

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