More good choices

On a regular basis, I encourage those yophotounger than me to make more good choices than bad ones. And today I want to encourage you to do the same.

I thought about the choices we make everyday about  our spiritual and physical well-being when I got these two catalogs in the mail yesterday.

Take a moment to think about a few of the choices we make every day:

  • Will we read our Bibles or spend the evening looking at Pinterest or Facebook?
  • Will we spend the evening watching television or get up and take a walk?
  • Will we decide to order the salad or the hatch chile cheese burger?

It’s not the occasional slip-up or cheat meal  that causes disaster. It’s when we make those choices over and over again until they become more of a habit than a voluntary choice that causes disaster.

So, I encourage you….. if you want to be spiritually, physically, and mentally healthier then you need to make more better choices than bad ones in every area of your life!

I guess I’m trying to say that all things can be done in moderation……

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