Pinterest workouts…..

Since taking the classes in PCB this summer, I’ve tried to add more and more cardio to my workouts at Wowies.  That means each workout consists of cardio and weights or cardio and a crossfit type exercises.

I don’t want to get bored with cardio so I decided to find workouts on pinterest and do them each day.

This is one that you can do as is or modify if you would like.

You could modifiy by using your own cardio equipment such as an elliptical or bike.  Or you may choose to walk instead of run for ten minutes.

The only modification I did today was skipping the last set of burpess because I was going to work my chest and back this morning. At the end of the cardio, I had burned 400 calories! I went onto do my weights and burned another 200 calories!

So… it’s your turn to do a killer cardio workout. (Sorry, I can’t purposely misspell  cardio.)


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