weight_loss_plateauWe often hear of people reaching a plateau in their weight loss journey. You know it as that time when you’re doing everything that you should be doing (and I mean really doing it!) but nothing is happening. The scale doesn’t seem to be moving in any direction much less the right direction and your waistline is not getting looser. You’ve reached a plateau!

And what are you supposed to do? Usually, the answer is to take it to the next level by making some dietary changes and increasing the intensity of your workout.

During this morning service at Woodstock Baptist/PCB, Pastor Johnny Hunt asked if any of us had reached a plateau in our faith walk.

A plateau in your faith walk could easily be explained as those times when it seems as if heaven is shut, prayers are not answered, you’re not interested in seeking God, you’re not involved in your local church, etc….

If you’ve hit a plateau in your faith walk then it’s time to do the same thing that you’d do in your weight loss journey and TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL! It’s that time when you repent and seek God, push beyond your comfort zone in worship, dig deep in the scriptures so that you can find that Word that you’re needing, and volunteer at church so that you are committed and have to be there every Sunday!

Determine today that you’ll push past these plateaus…. and then do the hard work necessary to do so!


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