Meeting the enemy face to face…..

Well, I finally opened my new scales and placed them on a flat surface. I walked around them several times. Even left the house for awhile before gathering enough courage to put my bare feet on that glass.

It wasn’t the number I wanted. And I had to remind myself that in the last week I’d ridden 25 miles on my bike and had participated in the fitness classes at the gym all week long along with my regular weight training workouts.

I had to convince myself that 140 is just a number. By writing this down for everyone to see I’m taking that stupid scales’ power away. I’m seeing it for the number that it is and not as a grade that defines me as a failure.

140 poundsI even took a picture to show you what 140 looks like on me.

I’m going to change the way I view what I weigh.   The numbers on the scale are just like the reps and sets at the gym or the mileage on Map My Fitness. They are just numbers to help me gauge  where I’m at and how far I have to go in my pursuit of fitness.

And I still have goals to reach in the gym, on the bike, and on the scale!


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