The south I remember…..

photo 4

Using the trail system from Conservation Park, Hank and I rode our bikes out to the West Bay Bridge yesterday. When we got there we saw this little boy, his photo 1grandpa, and their dog, Chris, fishing on the bridge. Grandpa was teaching the boy, as he called him, how to throw out the net and to wait patiently before pulling it back in again.

This is the south that I remember from my childhood. We would get up in the morning, have breakfast, and then be sent outside to play.

One of my favorite childhood memories is going “crabbing” at the beach. We spent the entire day pulling nets and playing with the crabs in the five gallon bucket.

I have no idea how many miles we traveled between our house, my grandparents, and my aunt and uncles. We walked, rode our bikes, and ran back and forth all day.

As the sun set the lightning bugs would come out and, once again, we’d be sent out to play.

As I got older and was still being sent out to play, I would go fishing or take the little john-boat out on the lake, paddle out to shady spot under the trees, throw the anchor out, and cuddle up to read.

I still love those days when I get to go outside and play. That’s probably one of the reason’s I love the beach so much —- swimming, riding bikes, long walks, and nights playing games with family and friends. I’m getting to play and it’s fun!

What about you? When is the last time you turned off the television or  your phone and went outside to play? If you have kids – have you sent them outside to play today?




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