One goal….

I began my weight loss journey with one goal in mind. I wasn’t trying to look like a fitness model or try to get down to what I weighted during my teen years.  All I wanted was to lose enough weight so that my belly didn’t lay on the bed beside me.

But then once I got down to this weight I began to think about losing even more weight. I’d see the ladies in my fitness magazines and think I could do that or I’d hear about a product that could help me lose these last 10 or so ponds and be tempted to try it.

But then I remind myself that I can pedal a bike for 20 miles and bench press 2/3 of my body weight. I’m strong. I can endure.  And I’m 50!

I also have to remind myself that God has given me the diet that’s perfect for my body and guarantees that I’m at my best.

Let me remind you too —– seed bearing plants (fruits, veggies, nuts), fish, fowl, and livestock.

If we stick to that diet and not be lured into the weight loss scams, scandals, and gimmicks then we’ll be at our own ideal weight and we can feel good about ourselves because we did it through the fruit of the spirit known as self-control.

McCaskill took Oz to task for a 2012 show in which he proclaimed that green coffee bean extract was a “magic weight loss cure for every body type.”

Even Dr. Oz had to admit that there is no permanent weight loss miracle without diet and exercise!

“I get that you do a lot of good on your show,” McCaskill told Oz, but “I don’t get why you need to say this stuff because you know it’s not true.”

Oz insisted he believes in the supplements he talks about on his show as short-term crutches and even has his family try them. He said his job on the show is to be a “cheerleader” for his audience, one who offers hope even if that means looking to alternative healing traditions and any evidence that might support them.

But Oz did agree that there’s no long-term miracle pill out there without diet and exercise.

Let’s you and I agree that we will no longer be deceived by these false claims, expensive tricks, or dead-end shortcuts to reaching our weight loss goals!

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