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Questionmark-in-food-bowlYou may not remember one of my older posts but back in April I mentioned that I was only eating what can be picked, slaughtered, or caught.

For more than a month that’s exactly what I’ve tried to do. There were some slip-ups and I did have two or three cheat meals during the last month. Two or three cheat meals isn’t so bad, is it?

I discovered that the slip-ups and cheat meals taught me more than I expected. One night Hank and I had pizza for dinner. The gluten in the pizza left me with a  stomach ache for several days. It hurt so bad that I have absolutely no interest in re-incorporating wheat products back into my diet. And then we had home-cooked beans and rice one night. Uh! Needless to say the stomach ache came with a little bit of rumbling and noise that could not be hidden from Hank. Not only was I hurting, I was embarrassed! Don’t think I’ll return to those old comfort foods either.

I feel best when I eat the best that God has for me! Fruits, veggies, fish, chicken, and lean meats give me the nutrition I need, don’t leave me with a stomach ache, and make me feel good about the decisions I make. What’s not to love about that!

I’ve done this, and so have most of you — I’ve eaten something that I thought I really, really wanted only to feel horrible about it for the next several days. Maybe I feel horrible because I’m thinking about the wasted calories, the way my pants fit, or I’m physically hurting with a stomach ache.

So this is my challenge for you: Before eating anything for the next 24 hours, ask yourself how you’ll feel AFTER you’ve eaten it! And then if you’re willing to feel that way for 24 hours go ahead and eat it!

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