Workout of the Day

You might just be thinking that today is a rest day since we will not be having class until tomorrow at 6:00 pm. But then, if you thought that, you’d be WRONG!

Weather permitting, I’d like for you to go for a 30 brisk 30 minute walk. If it gets too windy and you can’t get outside  then do 5 sets of 25 jumping jacks. If you have access to cardio equipment then please feel free to use that for a full 30 minutes.

I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night!



For years I thought that I needed to be skinny to be attractive. It was all about the numbers and the scale ruled my life. Then I realized that the scale was a tool of the devil, threw it away, and began working towards building strength and gaining endurance. I started to see my body for what it can do instead of what it couldn’t be. For me, that’s a healthier place to live.  
And apparently I’m not the only one to come to this realization.  As you read the following article I hope you decide to pursue strength and endurance over a number on the scale.

Ladies, our first “Strong to the Finish” class is tomorrow morning at 9am. Be sure to wear clothes you can workout in and bring a water bottle with you. If you have a yoga mat, please bring that too!

Spinning Class... againI went to another spin class today.  I left worn-out and inspired. This teacher was awesome!

She began the class by telling us that we have one hour to work hard and that we wouldn’t cheat ourselves during this one hour. She told us that our day would wait until we were finished and that we would leave the room stronger than we came in and would be able to take what comes our way with the knowledge that we could overcome any obstacles or distractions.

She then went on to push me harder than I’ve ever been pushed in a class setting. I could almost hear Hank behind me telling me to “Pedal baby, just pedal.”

She had an ability to connect our heart and our muscles to her passion.  I pray I can do that for someone in Gallup.


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Spinning Class

On Saturday, April 12th, I’ll be asking the ladies of the Stronghold to step out of their comfort zones and into a cross-fit type class. To remind myself of what it feels like to leave your comfort zone, I decided to take the classes offered at the local gym here in PCB.

On Monday I went to a BodyPump class, on Tuesday a RPM/Spinning class, and today I took a class called Butts & Guts.  Entering a new class and knowing no one who was there was a little tough but these southern, Israeli, and Ukrainian ladies made it easier by helping me gather the necessary items needed for each class. And everyone of them told me that I should do my best  and not worry about what everyone else is doing.  As one lady said – we all start somewhere!

And that’s what I want to share with you. Each and everyone who attends this class will start where they’re at. There will be times that you are uncomfortable and times when you feel as if you know what’s going on. There will be exercises that you feel that you absolutely cannot do right now but know that you will grow into them!

The only thing I ask from you in these classes are that you don’t cheat yourself. During each class give all that you have with the understanding that as you gain strength, endurance, and flexibility you’ll do better and better with each class.

Remember, you’re starting at your own personal somewhere! I’ll see you at 9:00 am on Saturday, April 12th for our first class!

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