Top Ten Worst Processed Food IngredientsGoal setting. I think setting goals might be the most difficult discipline in your pursuit of aligning spirit, soul, and body. But without goals or to use the more spiritual word vision, we will not find success in any area of our lives.

I’ve been working on one goal for almost two years and wanted to share with you this small moment of success. Two years ago I decided that I wanted to eliminate all processed foods form my diet. I began this quest with giving up consuming sugar on a daily basis and have worked my way to the point that sugar is an occasional treat to be shared with friends and family.

Then I choose to give up most packaged foods and the convenience that comes with them. It took almost two years to work  my way down to eating only tortilla chips and granola. I think tortilla chips were the hardest because  salsa needs them!

Now I’m trying to go totally processed free. I’ve given up my sugar, wheat, tortilla chips, and granola! The one thing I don’t know how to give up is my protein powder. I’ve convinced myself that I need that after my workout when in reality I could carry something with me. Other than that,   I’ve only eaten what can be picked, slaughtered, or caught for the last three days.

I’m not doing this to lose more weight (although I won’t complain if I do). I’m doing this to discover if I can be stronger, healthier, and happier by eliminating these foods and focusing on the foods that God gave us in Genesis.

I’m going to do this for six weeks.  I’ll keep you updated! You know me, I’ll probably even throw you a few one day “processed free” challenges while I’m doing this.

Onto another topic. I’ve always heard people say that they are managing their diabetes or high blood pressure. Please remember that managed is not cured. Managed diabetes or high blood pressure will result in health problems in the future. If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, please, please, please do everything within your power to overcome these diseases by changing your diet, adding exercise, and reducing the stress in your life.

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