ImageWhen Hank and I are traveling together we try to take our dogs with us. Now these are desert dogs and are used to rocky soil, sagebrush, rattlesnakes, and jack rabbits so on these trips they discover new things like grass, water, sand, tall trees, dead possums, squirrels, and much more. 

Until last night all of their new discoveries were filled with opportunities for adventure. But last night they experienced their first PCB thunderstorm with the night skies filled with lightening and the sound of thunder roaring across our little beach house. It would seem that a storm like this would terrify these small dogs from the desert but they slept right though it all. 

I know why they were able to sleep through the storm. It’s because they knew they were safe. They knew that if there were any danger to them at all then we would have come to take them out of their kennel and put them in bed with us. They trust us completely.

Maybe we’ve been lacking trust in the one who keeps us safe during the storms. Maybe, just maybe, we can begin to believe that if there is any real danger to us then God will come and put us on his lap. And in knowing that we can sleep through the thundering and the lightening.

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