I’m in Ohio visiting Hannah, Austin, and my grand-baby! Gosh! There are not enough words in the world to describe how much I enjoy the precious time I get with that baby! For me,  a week is not  a long enough visit but it’s also too long to be away from Hank.

When I’m here I don’t even try to keep up with my regular workouts. But I also don’t completely skip them either. I usually try to squeeze in at least two or three very short workouts. (Now if Hank were here and it was spring, summer, or fall, we would definitely take advantage of the great trail system Columbus has to offer and I’d ride for miles and miles. But he’s not here, it’s not summer, and the very idea of riding in the snow absolutely repels me!)

What are my excuses for not working out while I’m in Ohio? Number 1: I don’t want to lose a minute with my babies! Number 2: Working out by myself is not near as fun as working out with Hank and our cross-fit group.

That’s why I’m starting the Strong to the Finish workout class for the Stronghold ladies on April 12th. When we get together to workout then we’ll not only have more fun but we’ll also reach our goals faster than we ever could alone! We’ll encourage each other. We’ll challenge each other. And we’ll celebrate with each other every time one of us reaches a goal.

Speaking of goals, have you began to think of any that you’d like to reach? (It’s important to note that we will not be using losing pounds as our goal cuz I personally think that the scales are a tool of the devil!) So, when you’re thinking about your goals think about things like losing inches or wearing a great pair of jeans, or fitness gains such as doing 20 pushups or running a 5k.


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