Correction and Instruction

How do you perceive correction? How do you feel when correction is followed by instructions to do whatever it is that you’re doing differently? If I were to ask myself these questions, I’d have to say that correction and instruction are more often than not perceived as criticism. 

Perceived as criticism. That’s because I hear what it is that I’m not doing right instead of what can be done better. 

I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit lately because Wowie (the gym owner and cross-fit instructor) tells me what I’m doing wrong and then goes on to instruct me in how to correct my form. Now is he being critical? Absolutely not! He’s a really nice guy who produces great competitors who go on to be first-place winners in body building and power-lifting contests. He truly wants me to do the exercises correctly so that I can see reap the benefits of cross-fit training. He’s doing his absolute best to help me!

I’m the one who must learn to perceive correction and instruction as a gift instead of as criticism. I have to take a moment, hear what he’s saying, listen to how he’s saying it, and then process those words into action. 

Sure, I could choose to be offended. I could get frustrated and storm out of the class. But if I do that, who am I really hurting? Not only will I fail to reap all the benefits that cross-fit can offer but I also won’t find that mental and emotional healing I need to be all that I can and am meant to be! 

It’s up to me. And it’s up to you! Like me, you must  choose how you will respond to well-meaning, truth-filled correction and instruction.  Will you accept it as the gift it is or will you reject the one who gives you this gift?


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