Do you remember that old Bill Murray movie titled, “Groundhog Day?” That’s what New Year’s Day was like for me.

 In 2013, I woke up on New Year’s Day and genuinely thanked God that 2012 was over! 

And then again this year, I woke up and genuinely thanked God that 2013 was over and  I had actually  survived what seemed to be the worst two years of my adult life.

 You may be wondering what made these last two years so hard and the answer would be that a lot of changes took place in my life that I had absolutely no control over. All I could do was learn how to accept the change along with the ones making these changes and move on. 

 There were times that I was hurt, lonely, disappointed, and downright frustrated. I went through a long period of mourning unmet expectations.  I had to tap into the lessons of my past and not to let disappointment and discouragement lead to depression. 

 But you know what? I made it. Not only did I made it through these difficult changes but I came through them with that peace that passes understanding and have found myself in a happier place than I’ve been in a very long time.

You may be going through life changes or you may be trying to make changes in your diet and fitness routines. I’m here to tell you that change is difficult and often you may not feel as if you’ll survive the changes. But if you stick it out – you may come our not only happier but also healthier than you’ve been in a very long time!

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