We all experience pauses in our spiritual and physical routines.

We find ourselves on a spiritual pause during those  times when it seems as if God is not listening and when we are absolutely positive that He’s not speaking. For me, these spiritual pauses are not a time when I try to build my faith but fall back onto the faith that I’ve built throughout the years. I remind myself of all that God had done for me when it seems as if He’s not doing anything at all. Sometimes the best I can do during a spiritual pause is maintain.

During these spiritual pauses, I have to be a wee bit more careful in what I’m reading, watching, and seeing. I don’t need to hear others complain about how God failed them in the past. (As if God ever fails!) I need to read books that encourage me to stand firm and not quit. And I really need to be careful what I’m watching! I have to feed my spirit what it needs to maintain it’s strength (joy!).Liberty

And right now I am experiencing a pause in my physical routine. I’ll just call this pause “Liberty.”

Truth be told, I’m not interested in going to the gym, running, or working out. All I want to do is watch her sleep, hold her when she’s awake, and spend my time loving her.

We’ve all experienced pauses in our fitness routines like this, haven’t we? We need to do exactly what we do during those spiritual pauses while  our pursuit of physical fitness is on pause.

We need to maintain the fitness we have gained throughout the years. For me, that’s throwing in a bike ride and jumping on the treadmill a few times a week. It’s doing a short full-body workout once or twice a week instead of going to the gym five days a week. This is not the time to increase my workouts, lose weight, or gain strength. It’s a time to maintain what I’ve gained.

It’s also important during these times that I become a wee bit more vigilant in my diet. I try to throw in a few more salads, eat more fruit for dessert, and drink a lot more water!

If you’re going through a spiritual or physical pause, don’t quit! Just choose a maintenance plan that works for you!

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