What I’ve learned from not having internet service for almost three weeks:

  • Pinterest never lost my interest.
  • True friends will call or text to check on you.
  • Bills are easier to pay online.
  • Recipes using specific ingredients are hard to find without Google.
  • Learning about a new city requires that you actually leave the house.

What I’ve learned about living life without a gym:

  • There are no excuses to skipping your workouts.
  • If you don’t have a treadmill try going outside.
  • Be creative with resistance workouts by trying new things like resistance bands, straps, and body exercises.

Maybe you’ve used a thousand excuses for not working out. You’ve complained that the gym is too expensive, running hurts your knees, or that you just don’t like to exercise.

If you haven’t found something that you like to do then take a moment to think about what it was that you liked doing when you were a kid. Did you like riding your bike? Did you love to go swimming? Did you love playing team sports? Did you take dance, karate, or gymnastics? Whatever it was that you loved doing as a kid then find a way to do it as an adult. Stop making excuses and start finding ways to reach your fitness goals!

We are still waiting on our baby to make her grand appearance. The doctor says it could be any day now…. I’ll post a picture as soon as she arrives!

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